New York: Demand your legislator get back to work and protect democracy and public health.

New York faces a crucial test ahead of the June 23rd primary and again in November as constituents weigh whether to exercise their right to vote or to protect their health during the coronavirus pandemic. New Yorkers are facing this crisis head on, yet state legislators have decided that they are too busy providing services to their constituents to legislate. It’s imperative for them to do both — do their jobs and get back to work, remotely. Protecting democracy and public health should be the top priority for state legislators, and they must ensure that there’s a safe way to vote. If other states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania can work remotely, so can New York. If the New York City Council can work remotely, so can the state of New York. After legislators #GetBacktoWork, they need to immediately support two bills that will protect New Yorkers in future elections — instead of relying on executive orders and half measures. These two bills include: S8015A (Biaggi) would add the threat of spreading communicable disease in a pandemic to the temporary illness section of NYS Election Law 8-400. S8130 (Myrie) would allow email receipt of absentee ballot applications. Tell your legislator that they need to recognize the urgency of getting back to work to do their jobs: protecting New Yorkers’ health and right to vote.


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NY: Demand your legislator get back to work.

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