FROM CAMPAIGN: Restore The Vote New York

Make Rights Restoration in New York a Reality

Right now, returning citizens on parole do not have the legal right to vote in NY - a legacy of racist Jim Crow laws that results in the loss of this fundamental right for many New Yorkers. By immediately restoring voting rights to returning citizens, we can diffuse power in New York, empower some o ...

The solution is simple: demand that our legislators pass New York’s Restore the Vote legislation (S 1931/A 4987). Record your video telling your Assemblymember, Senator, and your community that you support restoring the right to vote for New Yorkers on parole. Make sure your video addresses your representatives by name and asks them to support voting rights restoration. Make sure to tag your reps and use #RestoretheVoteNY on your social media accounts!


How to record a video? Watch our explainer here!

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Restore The Vote New York
Restore the Vote in New York