Record a video for our Rural Voices Virtual Summit!

On June 27, Indivisible group members and rural organizers from around the country are coming together for our annual Rural Voices Summit. While we can't be together in person this year, we're collecting stories from Indivisibles to showcase during our virtual summit — and we want to hear from you! Record a video following the script below. Do your best to film these videos in front of your favorite rural background! We will be closing submissions on June 10, so please submit your video as soon as possible. We're eager to hear from you, and we can't wait to (virtually) see you on June 27! Here's the script (don't worry if you forget a couple of words, just follow it as best you can and try to pause in between sentences!): We've always been here. We've always understood what's at stake. We know that we are often forgotten. We show up day after day because we are tired of seeing our communities suffer. Our faces are not the ones you see on the television, but make no mistake: WE ARE HERE. And we know the power that rural America holds. That's why we're coming together for a Rural Summit on Saturday, June 27th - to reflect on our successes, focus on our role in one of the most important moments in our nation's history, and plan for what comes next. We're in _______(tell us where you're from!). We are everywhere. We are rural Indivisible


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This is how your video will look like with our branded animated overlays. If you don’t like what you recorded, remember you can always retake as many times as you need.

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